HTC Desire for Early Release on Telstra

20 Apr

Thought I’d post this in case google picks it up before it finds it on a news website.

I walked into a [T]life Telstra shop this afternoon. I’ve been their favorite customer the past couple of weeks. Speaking to the guys there, they’ve mentioned that they are going for early release.

There are stock in every CBD store in Australia. So the pre release day this tomorrow (21st April, 21/4/2010). So basically get yourself to one of these stores as soon as you read this if you want one.

Now as for what plans it’s available on. The guy told me the only “codes” available we’re for a MRO (Mobile Repayment Option), I’m figuring like in my DSE days, the “codes” will be downloaded overnight so that it may go on plans for tomorrow.

My assumption seems correct as the Telstra website is showing it’s now (after today’s trading) available free on a customer $60 up plans. I’ve not yet found it on the business $65, which is what I’m planning on getting it on.

Hopefully in a few hours the website changes, otherwise I know where I’ll be 9am tomorrow.

PS, I’ve heard the Perth CBD [T]life have 100 units 🙂

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