Difference between Vbox & VMWare

18 Feb

Well I’ve been running Virtual Box for a month now, and being that I’ve used VMWare for 3 years prior.  I feel I’ve experience both well enough to give a over view of both.  I have used them in both windows and linux (Fedora) host environments so I’m planning on giving pro’s and con’s in both environments.

VBox (first pro’s then con’s)

  • GUI very easy to understand and use
  • Shared folders
  • Very easy to install on both Windows and Linux (simple driver rebuild after kernel updates)
  • Seamless mode (very impressive a must try)

  • Hard to run as service
  • Seamless Mode not working well on windows 7 hosts or guests

VMWare (first pro’s then con’s)

  • Runs as a service
  • Web interface for console admin on any machine (on 2.X)
  • Easy to install on windows

  • Impossible to install of Linux (when not in supported list) and keep running (when kernel changes are made)

What would I recommend? VBox for all linux’s users, end of story, it’s just too hard to install and keep it working.  Although having a web interface would be awesome for that headless server.  As for windows if it’s a server VMWare but for a workstation VBox.

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