Windows 10 Connections Menu (too many VPN’s hiding Wifi’s)

12 May

Working in IT I have a lot of VPN’s and it’s been driving me crazy the way Windows 10 handles the connection menu. The reason I went to the menu was to connect my laptop to the internet, not select a VPN that wouldn’t even work.

The below isn’t quite as I wanted, but the Windows 8 menu brings purpose to the menu having the VPN’s in again, and being full hieght gives me that bit more space to see the Wifi APN’s again, so it’ll do.

Open regedit (WIN+R and type regedit.exe)
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Control Panel\Settings\Network
Take ownership of the “Network” key/folder (right click, Permissions)
Select “Advanced” in the Permissions window
In the Advanced window, select “Change” where the owner field is (at the top of the window)
Type in your username and save your changes.
Close the advanced window
Now select “Administrators” in the security tab
Make sure “Full control” is selected, then apply changes
Now that’s done, double click “ReplaceVan”
Change it’s value to 2


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