Channel 7 Perth Reception Problem

25 Mar

Absolutely no way!

My MythTV server has been running for 5 years perfectly. I gave it a de-dust and rewired a couple of drives on the weekend, and then channel 7 was gone.

Figuring it had to be something I’ve done, I shutdown, reseated the tuners, confirmed wiring connections, removed tv surge protector and still no improvement.

Then I thought to isolate the computer, so I made a cable from the study to the TV, retuned the TV and still no 7, every other channel was perfect.

Ticked that I’ve not watched any news for 3 days, I’ve gone and got a new antenna. Connected it, still the same on both the server and TV. So next I’ve run a temporary cable from the antenna into the TV, and still no 7. At this point, I’ve realized the TV has an analogue tuner. So I’ve scanned for the channels and there, a near prefect analogue 7. How can that be, the digital counter part is on channel 6, only one channel away.I tried increasing and decreasing the signal strength with splitters and amplifiers, in case I was getting too much or too little signal.

So this morning completely stumped I was googling for more ideas, still none the wiser. Getting home, I managed to find a manual tuning screen on the TV which showed the signal of a frequency so started to turn the antenna to find the signal, still nothing.

The top Google search for “channel 7 reception Perth” is Well my server has a Antec case with three step speed fans. So I increased the speeds from minimum to medium, and the TV signal bar immediate jumped to 10 out of 10 (from 0). Are you kidding, 5 years and this has never been as issue! Talk about the last thing that I would ever have thought about. Thank you Google!

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