Squeezing A Automanaged Drive

22 May

So I run MythTV, and when I rebuild/transferred all my recordings to my new server I gave it an extra 0.3TB space, giving it a total of 1.3TB. Well a few months on I’m regretting my decision.

So looking into deleting recordings, and then freeing the space seemed like a massive job, so instead I’ve written some code to consume hard drive space at a 1GB per 6 hours (4GB per day) to force the inbuilt recording management to delete the old recording faster for me.

Yeah okay it’ll take 3 months to make the space, but it only took me an hour to write this, compared to fighting for weeks with new recordings taking space that I’ve freed.

Hopefully it can help you too somewhere, if you’ve found and will use it shout out, be interesting to hear how it helped.


# This script is running daily to squeeze the myth storage group
# smaller so I can get it to fit on a 1TB HDD again.
# I really don't feel like myth really needs that much storage for recordings

CURRENTSIZE=$(ls -lt /mnt/storage/increasingfile | awk '{print $5}')
MAXSIZEGB=$(($MAXSIZE / 1073741824))
INCREMENTGB=$(($INCREMENT / 1073741824))



if [ "$CURRENTSIZE" -le "$MAXSIZE" ]
INCREASEGB=$(($INCREASE / 1073741824))
echo Increasing a further $INCREMENTGB GB totalling $INCREASEGB GB
fallocate /mnt/storage/increasingfile -l $INCREASE
echo "Script has hit $MAXSIZE ($MAXSIZEGB GB) maximium, stopping."


Windows 10 Connections Menu (too many VPN’s hiding Wifi’s)

12 May

Working in IT I have a lot of VPN’s and it’s been driving me crazy the way Windows 10 handles the connection menu. The reason I went to the menu was to connect my laptop to the internet, not select a VPN that wouldn’t even work.

The below isn’t quite as I wanted, but the Windows 8 menu brings purpose to the menu having the VPN’s in again, and being full hieght gives me that bit more space to see the Wifi APN’s again, so it’ll do.

Open regedit (WIN+R and type regedit.exe)
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Control Panel\Settings\Network
Take ownership of the “Network” key/folder (right click, Permissions)
Select “Advanced” in the Permissions window
In the Advanced window, select “Change” where the owner field is (at the top of the window)
Type in your username and save your changes.
Close the advanced window
Now select “Administrators” in the security tab
Make sure “Full control” is selected, then apply changes
Now that’s done, double click “ReplaceVan”
Change it’s value to 2


Microsoft Exchange – Your mailbox appears to be unavailable

12 May

This just helped me out, so I thought it was worth noting

Error message: Your mailbox appears to be unavailable. Try to access it again in 10 seconds. If you see this error again, contact your helpdesk.

Test-ServiceHealth | Select ServicesNotRunning | foreach { Start-Service $_.ServicesNotRunning }


Trouble getting Cortana working in Australia, try this

03 Dec

I just got asked by a client who was having troubles getting Cortana running on Windows 10. He was quite happy when I showed him working on mine. Here I thought it was just a problem on my system. So here is the solution:

Download and install

This will install the the speech language “English (Australia) that is missing and is required to make Cortana working in the OZ.

Then you just want to make sure the options in Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language as well as Speech are set to Australia or English Australia.

Enjoy, I hope you enjoy it more than I have so far. P.S. add your mail account the the Mail & Calendar so she can see what your up to.